Gerardo Perez – How to Run TikTok Ads by Foundr

How to Run TikTok Ads by Foundr

How to Run TikTok Ads – Reach the fastest-growing new audience online and grow your businessgrow your businessgrow your business with TikTok ads

A step-by-step proven framework to creating TikTok ads that sell. You’ll learn how to create valuable, high-converting ads that emulate the look and feel of organic posts.

How to Run TikTok Ads will help you…

  • Create winning ads faster: By using Gerardo’s proven framework, perfected from over $2M in TikTok ad spend, you’ll have everything you need to create winning ads faster.
  • Accurately test and scale: You’ll learn how to properly split test, what metrics matter, and how to easily optimize and scale your highest-performing winners.
  • Acquire in-demand skill: No matter the economy, there’s always a need for good media buyers. Master this high-paying skill to grow your own business or get hired to help others.
  • Drive more high-quality traffic: You’ll learn how to target TikTok’s massive audience by age, interests, gender, location, and more. They even now offer geotargeting for local businesses.
  • Multiply your brand reach: You’ll learn how to combine both your paid and organic strategies so you can multiply your reach, increase conversions, and decrease your costs.
  • Enjoy more free time: With a repeatable sales system in place, you’ll have more free time to launch new products, scale your team, or spend more time doing what you love.

About Gerardo Perez

Running a digital agency focused on driving paid results on TikTok, Gerardo has already spent more than $2M on TikTok advertising and even worked with the largest influencer on the platform with more than 130M followers.

He’s been the go-to TikTok growth expert behind some of today’s fastest growing brands on the platform and now he’s showing you exactly how he does it.

Name of Course: ​Gerardo Perez – How to Run TikTok Ads by Foundr | Release Date: 2022

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