Get Account Back Webinar – Dan Henry

Get Account Back Webinar

Get Account Back Webinar – You Can Get Your Ad Account Back! The Decision Is Not Final!

If You Want to Get Your Ad Account Back & Prevent It From Being Disabled Then this Training is For You!

What You Will Get in Get Account Back Webinar:

  • Exactly how to keep your ad account from getting disabled – What new things Facebook has created a crusade against in 2017, and how to avoid them!
  • How to get ahold of the “second rep” – Facebook has 2 levels of reps… This is the rep that can actually help you. The first one you talk to can’t do jack!
  • Discover what to do if your account is already disabled and how to get it back, even if they tell you the decision is final! (hint: it’s not!)
  • How to create a new ad account without it getting immediately disabled, and how to mature that account and fly under the radar!
  • Know how to structure your ad to avoid the dread “misleading ads” death sentence..
  • Know exactly what to say and not say in your ads to avoid getting flagged…
  • The #1 thing facebook wants you to do when running ads, and how doing this, will keep your ad account alive for years to come…
  • How to get more ad accounts from Facebook by simply telling Facebook this one thing…

You will also get:

  • Landing page checklist: the total checklist on what will immediately get your account shut down and how to still make them convert without it!
  • Account back scripts: a list of one liners and scripts to say to your ads rep over email and the phone that will drastically improve your chances of getting your ad account back!

Name of Course: Get Account Back Webinar – Dan Henry | Release Date: 2018

Sale Page:

Author Price: $47 | Our Price: Free For VIP Members

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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