Get Known Get Clients – Selena Soo

Get Known Get Clients

Get Known Get Clients is her signature 6 months in depth program where she teaches entrepreneurs how to take their business to the next level. In this course she covers everything from how to find your target client, e-mail scripts to contact them, how to carve out premium offerings for more profit and less hassle, launch sequence e-mail scripts and so much more!

Selena Soo is a business strategist and publicity coach for visionary entrepreneurs, experts and authors. She’s been featured in publications like Forbes, Fast Company, The US News, The Huffington Post and many more.

In Get Known Get Clients, you’ll discover…

  • How to create a business model that doubles or triples your current income (so you can finally have the lifestyle you want)
  • How to restructure your offerings and elevate your brand, so you can easily command higher prices in the marketplace
  • Fast & simple ways to get in front of the perfect buyers — online or in-person
  • The secret questions you should be asking your ideal clients (so you know exactly what to sell to them + how to get them to say “yes!”)
  • How to lead sales conversations that feel easy and natural — not “salesy” (including word-for-word scripts to get your prospects to open up to you, as well as strategies to overcome price objections)
  • How to get referral partners to send you ideal clients who are ready to buy
  • The 7 components of your personal brand map (these are the keys to building a personal brand your ideal clients fall in love with)
  • How to create meaningful connections with “out of reach” people, like your favorite experts and other industry influencers
  • How to get endorsements + introductions from big-name influencers that elevate your brand and grow your business
  • How to create a signature talk and book speaking events to get new clients (speaking to groups positions you as an expert + allows you to connect to many prospective clients at once)
  • How to pitch your services in your talk in a way that feels warm, natural, and engaging
  • Get your first 1,000 newsletter subscribers. You’ll learn how to create an enticing opt-in offer, write opt-in copy that converts, and pitch yourself for guest posts and podcast interviews
  • How to nurture your email list + build a deep emotional connection with your readers (I’ll share some of my most powerful emails, along with the emails and subject lines that get the best open rates)
  • How to successfully launch your programs or services (plus the psychological triggers that get people to buy)
  • The 9 ways to promote yourself on Facebook and other social media to grow your fanbase and get people passionate about your message
  • How to hire your first assistant, volunteer or intern (so you can delegate the tasks that drain you and spend your time doing what you love)
  • How to continue your business growth after you complete GKGC (my top success strategies for 2016 + beyond)

Name of Course: Get Known Get Clients – Selena Soo | Release Date: 2018

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Author Price: $997 | Our Price: Free For VIP Members

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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