High Performance Trading – Fierce 10

High Performance Trading – Fierce 10

High Performance Trading – Fierce 10 – Struggling To Make Trading Work For You? Learn the mindset strategies that allow you to build a long term sustainable trading career.

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Trading Future?

In this 10-week self-paced, on-demand coaching program, you will discover powerful techniques designed to increase consistency.

Some of these include becoming consistent through developing your mindset, emotional intelligence, and self-mastery:

Develop the mental strength to powerfully deal with pain and the pain of losing

Overcoming impulsive trading behavior

Fine-tune critical performance factors: discipline and patience

What’s inside High Performance Trading – Fierce 10?

Mandi will share my personal Case Studies and Trading Examples from some of the extraordinary traders she has worked with over the past decade.

You’ll find out their inspiring stories.

She also will reveal how each one of these thriving traders overcame their failures, setbacks, and challenges to succeed.

This program goes more profound than any trading mindset training you’ll ever participate in.

So, naturally, it is ideal for the trader ready to dive into a profound journey of Self Discovery.

Throughout this journey, you will discover why you are wired the way you are… How you can stop the self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you stuck.

And get absolute clarity on what’s been holding you back from becoming the successful trader you have the potential to be.

Get ready to step into your power and start becoming the trader you deserve to be!

Name of Course: High Performance Trading – Fierce 10 | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page: https://www.highperformancetrading.com.au/fierce-10-trader-mindset

Author Price: $495 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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