How To Deliver a Monologue

How To Deliver a Monologue

How To Deliver a Monologue – How to perform and deliver a monologue for examination, audition, competition or performance

What you’ll learn in How To Deliver a Monologue

  • Students will learn how to prepare for and deliver a monologue for audition, competition or performance.
  • Selecting an appropriate monologue.
  • Understanding the character’s role within the context of the play or piece.
  • Appreciation of the monologue’s style.
  • Creating a character through voice, body and face.
  • Understanding elements of Stanislavski’s system.
  • Appreciating the era of the piece.
  • Consider ration of props, costume and appropriate lighting.


  • This course is intended to be bought by parents/guardians, who will supervising the topics learnt and usage by students within this application.
  • A notepad and pen.
  • It helps if the student has an interest in or is studying drama, theatre or acting. This could be a GCSE, BTEC, A-Level, LAMDA, Trinity, Vanguard acting exams, school productions or a drama group. Some preliminary research on the basics of Stanislavski’s system before, during or after the course will also benefit the student.

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