How to Sell The Way People Buy – Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver – How to Sell The Way People Buy

How to Sell The Way People Buy – The #1 Proven Approach To Increase Your Sales Without Friction, Tension Or Resistance Using Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue

This complete online course walks you through step-by-step how to have your potent

Are you tired of pushing products?

Then, stop!

Maybe it’s time you discovered value-based selling, the game-changing approach that focuses on delivering real value to customers.

Shifting your focus from transactions to customer-centricity, creates meaningful connections, solving genuine problems, and cultivating long-lasting relationships.

Want to join the value-based selling revolution, and unlock your sales potential today?

It’s all in my book, How to Sell the Way People Buy!

“When I ask salespeople, “What’s the greatest fear that holds you back from talking with or following up with potential buyers?”

Most give the answer… “The fear of “Rejection!”

Now, if this in any way reflects you and your experience… How does it make YOU feel when you get rejected or even think about rejection?

Tense? Tight? Inadequate? Fearful – Perhaps?

While the feeling is different for all of us, the end result is the same… We don’t like the tension and the way it can hold us back and end up losing us sales.

The solution is NOT to double down on ‘proven’ outdated sales models!

A solution is in the “new model of selling” I’ve been teaching for nearly 30 years you will find in my ebook – How to Sell the Way People Buy.”

What you get inside the book “How to Sell The Way People Buy”?


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Nobody Likes Being Sold
  • 7 Success Tips

Lesson 1 – 9 Essential Basic Sales Skills

  • Essential Basic Sales Skills!
  • Skill #1: Your 3 Primary Objectives
  • Is There A Problem?
  • What They Want And Why They Want It
  • Establishing Their Level Of Desire And Commitment To Change
  • Skill #2: 4 Ways A Conversational Dialogue Can Start

Lesson 2 – Your Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Frameworkter

  • Your Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Framework
  • Addressing The Possible Elephant In The Room!
  • It’s About Them – Not About You!

Lesson 3 – The Connecting Stage

  • SMART Pre-Planning
  • 10 Ways to Start Conversational Dialogues Without Tension
  • You Had Me At Hello!
  • Creating Your Own Personal Value Impact Statement
  • Outline a Problem
  • Outline Your Solution

Lesson 4 – The Discovering Stage

  • This Is Not A Linear Approach!
  • The Approach Never Differs.
  • Using Closed And Open-Ended Questions

Lesson 5 – The Discovering Stage Cont…

  • Discovering Stage Questions
  • Background Questions – BQ
  • Needs Awareness Questions – NAQ
  • A Financial Advisor Example
  • Needs Development Questions – NDQ
  • Values Centered Needs Development Questions

Name of Course: How to Sell The Way People Buy – Michael Oliver | Release Date: 2023

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