Jamie Sea – Cash Flow Confidential

Jamie Sea – Cash Flow Confidential

Cash Flow Confidential is a exact framework on creating your own UNIQUE methodology, creating dialed in messaging that ATTRACTS, creating content that MAKES MOVES, mapping out your offers, and how to scale to 10-100k months.

Who is this a dream fit for?️

You’re starting out in the coaching world and ready to have a proven map to get clear on who you serve, your offerings,

and you’re ready to have a plan to scale your biz to 10-100k months.

You’re a current coach who is ready to ditch the crickets and have raving paying fans!

You’re an educator or future educator and you’re ready to sell out courses and classes!

Here’s what you’ll get in Cash Flow Confidential:

  • Module1: Mindset & Energetics for High Cash Months:
    The mindset and energetics behind creating high cash months as a coach/educator and EXACTLY what I do behind the scenes to feel good receiving without cash blocks.
  • Module 2: Craft Your Unique Funnel:
    The layout of your unique funnel – this is the funnel I use and I will give you powerful and potent suggestions for different scenarios.
    Think dream clients left and right saying, “OMG- you’re exactly what i’ve been looking for!”
  • Module 3: Define Your Unique Methodology:
    This is EXACTLY what sets you apart from other educators and coaches!
    It DOES NOT matter how many others are out there that do something similar to you- this is KEY to setting you apart.
  • Module 4: Master Magnetic Messaging:
    Dialing in your MAGNETIC messaging and exactly what NOT to do when creating your conversations and marketing.
  • Module 5: Map Out Your Irresistible Offers:
    Learn how to map out an offer suite that makes sense for your customer journey
  • Module 6: Powerful Content Creation:
    How to create your content that speaks POWERFULLY to magnetize the right people.
  • Module 7: The Energetics of Launching:
    The energetics behind launching anything in your online business (I’ll show you exactly what I do behind the scenes as well!)

Name of Course: Jamie Sea – Cash Flow Confidential | Release Date: 2024

Sale Page: https://therisingwolf.com/cfc/

Author Price: $1100 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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