Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint [Special Offer]

Nonfiction Blueprint

Nonfiction Blueprint consists of over 70 video lessons that walk you through every step of writing your nonfiction book, mentoring you through the entire process.

The program removes the fear and guesswork that may have demoralized you in the past. You simply log into the website and start with a brief training video that walks you through your next step — so you’ll always know what to do next.

What’s inside Nonfiction Blueprint

Part I – Laying the Foundation

In this section, Jerry Jenkins helps you avoid problems typical to nonfiction writers: Fear of failure, not knowing where to start, hitting a brick wall after 30 pages or so, you name it.

Imagine how much more confident and motivated you’ll be after laying the proper groundwork for your book.

Part II  – Beginning the Writing

Here we spend a few sessions on your first page alone — where many nonfiction writers get hung up. We’ll get yours to where you’re thrilled with it before moving on, so you’ll be motivated to keep rolling.

Part  III  – Establishing a Writing Routine

Here, Jerry Jenkins brings you through your first several chapters and share my best secrets to help you cement habits that will carry you through the full process.

Part IV – Finishing Well

By the time we reach the last section of Nonfiction Blueprint, you’ll have confidently written roughly the first quarter of your manuscript and reached the Marathon of the Middle. To finish well, you have to do more than just endure the middle.

You must thrive there and keep things moving for the reader’s sake. Jerry Jenkins gives you everything you need to complete the marathon and drive toward the finish

Use proven Nonfiction Blueprint system, and you’ll write your best manuscript. Jerry Jenkins will show you what it takes to make it all it can be. It’s up to you to follow the blueprint.

Name of Course: ​Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint | Release Date: 2022

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