John Assaraf – Winning The Game of Money [Special Offer]

John Assaraf – Winning The Game of Money

Winning The Game of Money – Discover the Most Powerful, Evidence-Based Brain Training and Coaching Program to Help You Unlock a NEW “Mindset of Wealth”

… So You Achieve Your Financial and Life Goals Faster and Easier Than Ever Before…

Backed by Proven Brain Science & 100,000 Members Worldwide!

  • Prime your brain to automatically attract more money and success into your life fast
  • Develop Unstoppable Confidence and the Beliefs & Habits to live life on your own terms
  • Activate your “Genius Brain” so you act with the certainty and clarity of a Multi-Mllionaire & Leader
  • Master your emotions so they empower you –instead of control you (and nothing stands in the way of your financial success)
  • Unlock the proven formula to break free from limiting beliefs, destructive mindset habits, fears and sabotaging behaviors
  • Harness the awesome power of “Automaticity” – where you can run 70% of your life on AUTOPILOT (with less stress & more freedom than you have now!)

Here’s what you will get in Winning The Game of Money:

  • Lifetime Access: 12 Level Brain Training Innercise™ Audios
    (Install an upgraded mindset for wealth & income acceleration)
  • 100 Days VIP Coaching, Training & Support
    (Access step-by-step guidance right at your fingertips)
  • NEW! 100 Days to Financial Success Accelerator Program
    (Get the proven formula to double or triple your income this year)
  • Bonus 1: 80 BONUS Days VIP Coaching & Support
    (Plus…Full Membership to our private financial community)
  • Bonus 2: The Million-Dollar Success Training Library
    (Netflix-like library of video trainings & content with step-by-step guidance right at your fingertips)
  • Bonus 3: My Exceptional Life Blueprint
    (Create a compelling vision for your life)
  • Bonus 4: 5 Brain-A-Thon Expert Bonuses
    (Discover cutting-edge methods, tools & resources to succeed faster)
  • Surprise Bonus: 7 Days To Millionaire Mindset
    (Program your mind to think and act like a Millionaire)

Name of Course: John Assaraf – Winning The Game of Money | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $1997 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view.


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