Kim Krause Schwalm – Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive

Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive

Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive by Kim Krause Schwalm

This virtual version of the first-ever, one-day LIVE event Kim did outside LA gives you a behind-the-scenes look at turning “flops” into million-dollar controls. It’s a great overview of the hard-won, A-list-level lessons Kim learned early on in her copywriting career, and that she still applies to this day.

Contents LA Boot Camp Intensive Video Presentation

This live, one-day workshop—which I purposefully limited to just 10 attendees (and allowed one more to sneak through the door at the last moment)—took place in beautiful Hermosa Beach, California. In the room were beginning and advanced copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Fortunately, I made a last-minute decision to capture ALL of this invaluable, no-holds-barred teaching and sharing. And now my entire LA Boot Camp Intensive presentation is available to you in these video recordings.

You’ll discover the same fool-proof 5-point system to beating “unbeatable” controls and earning handsome royalties I shared with my attendees. So the next time you write copy, you’ll be armed with my five “most likely to succeed” strategies and techniques to hit your next promotion out of the ballpark.

LA Boot Camp Intensive — Part 1(1h 31m 09s)

LA Boot Camp Intensive — Part 2(1h 36m 06s)

LA Boot Camp Intensive Course Materials

Here you get the same 60-page, 4-color Guidebook entitled “Breakthrough Copywriting Secrets It’s Taken Me 19 Years to Learn…And Will Take You Only One Morning!” that each lucky participant who attended my LA Boot Camp Intensive received. Plus I’ve captured every word of my 3-hour presentation in a downloadable transcript you’ll want to read and refer to again and again.

Name of Course: Kim Krause Schwalm – Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive | Release Date: 2021

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