Local Kingdom SEO – Lead Generation SEO By Charles Floate

Local Kingdom SEO - Lead Generation SEO

Local Kingdom SEO – Lead Generation SEO – Getting your business to rank #1 in Google is a license to print money.

It brings the combined strength of two SEOs that specialize in taking local businesses to the #1 position on Google.

Local Kingdom SEO will teach you how to build, optimize, rank and grow a local lead generation empire that makes you the king of your competition.

Charles Floate and Edward Rostron have over a decade of experience in driving traffic to sites in a variety of niches and specialities.

They’ll show you how to rank first in Google search for your speciality so customers see your business as the first and best option to spend their money with.

Who Is Local Kingdom SEO For?

  • Local Business Owners who are tired of spending a small fortune to get smaller results from gimmicky agencies and freelancers.
  • Digital Marketing Agency Owners that are wanting to have the most up to date local SEO training in existence, and keep one step ahead of their competitors.
  • Freelance SEOs & Entrepreneurs looking to create their own local lead generation business with high-profit margins and low recurring costs.
  • Anyone who wants to get into the SEO game–the right way. Learn from guys who have been doing this for years, made all the mistakes, and who knows what works and what’s just gonna get you a bad reputation.

Who Are Your Teachers?

We, are Charles Floate and Edward Rostron.

We’re two British SEOs – With different specialties and a knack for teaching others how to rank at the top of Google.

Charles brings over a decade of black hat specialism and big-budget marketing to the table, whilst Ed has quietly created a local lead generation business that has allowed him to travel the world and work with hundreds of different companies.

As of 2020, we both reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Some would say the capital of SEO these days.

  • Both Self-Employed SEOs, Living Abroad As A Result of Years of SEO Work
  • Hundreds of Successful SEO Campaigns
  • Worked With Hundreds of Local Businesses
  • Strategies & Techniques Survived Years of Google Algorithm Updates

What Will You Learn in Local Kingdom SEO?

When I say this is a complete road map of Local SEO & a blueprint to building lead generation assets, I mean it.

When I say this is everything you’d need to run an entire agency catering to every local business imaginable, I mean it.

Local Kingdom SEO includes:

  • A Complete Introduction To Local Businesses & The Different Types of Local SEO (Storefront, Lead Gen, Service & Multi-Location)
  • A Full Guide To Local Keyword Research (Types, Tools, Measuring, Analyzing, Difficulty, Formatting & More)
  • How To Find Local Lead Gen Gold Mine Niches
  • Complete Local Site Setup & OnPage Optimization
  • Methods To Take Advantage Of Search Engines To Make Your Website Rank #1!
  • FREE Local Link Building Strategy & Setup (Local Link Building Shouldn’t Cost You A Penny!)
  • Full Google My Business (GMB) Optimization + Verification Tips & Tricks
  • Local Reviews, Black Hat Review Tips & Reputation Management
  • How To Get Local SEO Clients On Tap
  • Building Lead Generation Assets & Scaling A Lead Gen Business

As well as a bunch of other tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout!

Name of Course: Local Kingdom SEO – Lead Generation SEO By Charles Floate | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page: https://charlesfloate.gumroad.com/l/local-kingdom-seo/

Author Price: $199 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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