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MadCharts Academy – Ready To Take Your Trading To Mad Levels?

MadCharts Academy is home to one of the fastest growing educational platforms in the world to learn how to trade.


Forex (short for Foreign Exchange) is the term used for the action taking place when YOU buy a currency, namely the base, against another currency, with the aim to profit from the move.

When you sell in Forex, you anticipate the market is going to fall in prices.

When you buy in Forex, you anticipate the market is going to rise in prices.

If you are correct with the direction, you gain a profit, with the aim of building your portfolio over the longer term.

The Forex Market is the most liquid market in the world; where it exchanges approximately $5,6 Trillion per day.


You can Trade from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone, laptop and wifi.

Forex does not require a high initial deposit such as other markets like stocks.

Trade when you want, where you want, all from the convenience from your laptop or smartphone.

Traders can begin with as little as $100, which makes Forex more popular.

Use leverage to your advantage in the Forex market.


Hi, MadCharts here. But I also go by the names “Mad” or “MC”. I’m a 24-year-old entrepreneur who, shortly after finishing high school, decided that an everyday office job just wasn’t for me.

Why? Because after watching so many of my friends going this route, I realized there had to be more.

I did attempt the 9-to-5 lifestyle in the early stages after completing high school and studied business management, but quickly realized that life had much more in store for me.

My journey started after seeing multiple ads online about this thing we call trading, and as you can imagine, I got sucked in.

YouTube videos, Investment plans, Instagram “gurus”, trading bots, “make money quick”, 100% winning strategies – I’ve tried it all. I quickly came to realize what it feels like to blow accounts and lose money.

At this stage in my life, I wasn’t taking it too seriously. I mean, how could I? I knew what my vision was for myself in the world of trading, but did I believe it is possible? Absolutely not.

I think that is the main reason why traders fail in the first place – they don’t believe it is possible. With so many schemes doing the rounds, it is often difficult to believe.

Shortly after that, I decided I was done being average. I moved on to the next stage, which I would like to call “question everything.” And that is when my breakthrough came.

I took some time off trading with live funds and found a small group of individuals who were legitimate traders. That is where I found my mentor, Quillan “Cue” Black.

After countless sleepless nights, hundreds of hours studying and working, I finally found my edge and a style of trading that works for me… Finally becoming consistent and seeing great numbers month after month.

Fast-forward a few years and I am currently mentoring hundreds of traders around the world and helping them reach financial freedom through my guidelines, which have proven to shape a successful Forex Trader.

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