Marie Poulin – Notion Mastery Course + Update

Notion Mastery

Notion Mastery Course by Marie Poulin – Let me show you how to supercharge your Notion workspace to manage your entire life and business…

Build sustainable systems that take you from scattered to streamlined.​

What’s inside Notion Mastery Course By Marie Poulin

Notion offers you a way to integrate all of your tasks, documents, activities, habits, ideas, and creativity in one place.

If you’re ready to stop procrasti-planning and playing whac-a-mole with your to-do list, join us in Notion Mastery.

  • Conquer Notion’s learning curve
    Start with a complete walk-through of Notion’s most powerful features (and wildly time-saving quirks!).
  • Build better planning systems
    Create practical planning and review processes for your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks + goals.
  • Reduce decision fatigue and overwhelm
    Design your workflow to reduce friction and make prioritization and decision-making quicker and easier.
  • Design a custom workspace that works for you
    Learn how to design custom dashboards that are tailor made for you and your style.
  • Improve team collaboration
    Get everyone on the same page with stellar documentation, custom dashboards, and workflows that work.
  • Supercharge your knowledge management system
    Improve your resource management, note-taking, and idea management.
  • Create a practical + sustainable workflow
    Know where everything lives and minimize your decision fatigue and context switching.
  • Surprise + delight your clients
    Share beautiful and practical collaborative dashboards with clients.
  • Get inspired
    Get a sneak peek into a variety of workflows, examples, SOPs, and templates from community members and in our weekly office hours and workshops.


Name of Course: Marie Poulin – Notion Mastery Course | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $750 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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