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Master of AI Copy

Master of AI Copy by Copyhackers – With the crash course in drawing winning copy out of AI tools by giving them clever prompts and editing their work like the Copymaster you were born to be…

DAVID OGILVY HIMSELF WOULD BE STOKED ABOUT AI… Why get left behind? Now you can capture new opportunities with AI copy. And make more money.

Promote yourself from Copywriter to Copymaster.

With the crash course in drawing winning copy out of AI tools by giving them clever prompts and editing their work like the Copymaster you were born to be…

ChatGPT writes copy faster than an intern would. It also writes copy faster than an old pro would because it’s not bogged down by decades of conflicting insight and anecdotes it has to weigh…

But speed only benefits you when you get GOOD copy fast.

Any rando generator that’s been around since the 90s can churn out sentences that fulfill a duty but don’t persuade people to buy.

And let’s remember: you’re being paid to get people to buy.

Which is why Master of AI Copy teaches you:

How to plan & research

  • 10 core research methods for copywriters
  • Understanding switching factors
  • Identifying whom to write for
  • Using frameworks

How to persuade

  • Adding oomph with social proof
  • Editing in the emotion
  • Transforming robo-copy into “but fashion” copy
  • Getting more qualified clicks

With the skills to plan convincing emails and pages…

And the skills to do your own research so you can feed the copy bots with prompts that produce insightful first drafts…

And the skills to assess what the robo-writer churns out… to keep what’s good… to reorganize it so it’s great… and to edit it so it’s phenomenal…

You transform from a “copywriter” (which is a wonderful thing to be, mind you) to a Copy Chief, Copy Analyst, Copymaster, Content Strategist – to the strategic copy partner who’s got their very own automated copy cub churning out first drafts like a machine…

In just under 5 hours of training, you’ll:

  • Have written an email or page entirely with ChatGPT, or your preferred AI writing bot, assisting you…
  • Stop expecting everything and/or nothing out of tools like ChatGPT… and instead empathize with their limits…
  • Know why, regardless of what we call it, AI “copywriting” tools are nowhere in the vicinity of ready to be certified conversion copywriters – but instead of hating on the bots for this, you’ll be able to appreciate the differences in your skill set vs theirs…
  • Confidently find yourself prompting (and re-prompting) the most popular AI copywriting tools….
  • Identify what you’re doing wrong with your prompts so you can change your approach – and totally love what your AI copy bot produces…
  • Apply conversion copywriting principles to your interactions with the bots and what they produce… so you can do infinitely better work without the burden of slow-down drafts…

And perhaps most importantly:

You’ll have an eyes-wide-open appreciation for what AI copy bots can actually do FOR you (not against you)… in order for you to craft more persuasive copy without being bogged down by the dreadful Shitty First Draft phase…

I’ll show you how.

Sam will show you how.

And Lianna will show you how.

For the first time ever, inside this brand-new collection of lessons.

Name of Course: Master of AI Copy – Copy School by Copyhackers | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $997 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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