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Affiliate Lab is made by the popular Matt Diggity who is a very well-known SEO behind the great Diggity Marketing blog and started the Chang Mai SEO Conference.

I had a small personal connection with Matt Diggity, back when I started affiliate marketing back in 2016 – I paid $600 for a personal consultation on a website which would eventually become Hustle Life.

This was back when I had completely no idea what I was doing, so the advice he gave me was very basic when I look back on it – but it was solid.

Here were the main take-aways I got that might help if you’re just starting out:

  • Focus on one specific niche and create content all about that one specific niche before talking about another subject
  • Having a keyword in your domain name is going to help you rank a lot more than not having one
  • Publish often to keep your site alive in Google’s eyes

At the time of the consultation, Affiliate Labs wasn’t around 0 and the only information I could find about building affiliate sites were from listening to Lion Zeal podcasts and trying out shitty affiliate courses on Udemy and Clickbank – Damn you Dan Brock ‘s Deadbeat Superaffiliate!

One thing about Matt Diggity that is different from other popular affiliate courses is his “no-hat” way of ranking sites. He isn’t married to one specific technique to rank on Google. So his way of ranking is hypothetically quicker than if you were to just do outreach as in Authority Hacker or didn’t build any links at all like in Income School.

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