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Agency Transmutation

Agency Transmutation by Montell Gordon – All The Tools, Systems & Processes You Need To Start And Scale Your Own Marketing Agency!

What’s Agency Transmutation?

It is an expertly crafted, 6 -week long program that includes everything you could ever need in order to successfully scale your very own social media marketing agency even if you are a complete beginner and have zero past experience or sales abilities.

The program comes with 37+ hours worth of expert training, an exclusive, members-only community full of winners, and all the scripts, templates, contracts, agreements, resources and plug & play sheets you’ll ever need.

The program also included a special bonus section of 10+ hours of live recorded coaching calls and access to Montell live through monthly Q&A calls hosted on Zoom.

This deadly combination of training, community and resources means you’ll be on the fast track to successfully scaling your agency using the ‘Hybrid System’.

In simple terms… Agency Transmutation is Montell Gordon’s brand-new, cutting-edge 6-week online program that teaches agency owners to start and scale their very own marketing agency with a heavy emphasis on teaching lead sourcing and establishing consistent outreach systems.

Something that is notoriously skipped over by most, teaching in the SMMA space!

The Curriculum Explained:

Week 1: Foundations & Principals

Kicking Agency Transmutation off strong with Week 1, which is your Foundations and Principals.

During this week, you’ll learn how to first of all leverage Agency Transmutation to the fullest, to ensure that this is one of, if not, the greatest business investments you could ever possibly make for your agency!

This week shows you how to gain access to the winning community so you can surround yourself with a circle of winners that are on the exact same mission as you!

During week one, Montell goes into intense detail on the innings of running a 6 figure marketing agency. So even if you don’t know what the acronym ‘SMMA’ actually stands for, you’ll understand everything you need to know about the business model from A-Z.

Week 2: Systems, Tools & Processes

Week 2 covers all the tools, software, systems & processes you need to truly build an automated agency from the ground up so that you aren’t doing all the work yourself.

Week 3: Upwork Mastery

Week 3 dives right into using the first half of the ‘Hybrid System’ which is using Upwork to land smaller ticket clients extremely quickly in order to build up cash flow

This cash flow can then be leveraged that to hire Virtual Assistances that conduct outreach for you to higher ticket clients outside of Upwork.

Week 4: Cold Email Alchemy

Week 4 then tackles the second half of the Hybrid System which is how to conduct cold outreach away from the Upwork platform.

so even if you are not 18, or you do not want to use Upwork to bag smaller ticket clients, then you can skip right on over to week 4 where you will be taught in extreme detail: How to source leads remarkably quickly, how to then qualify those leads using the ‘Reverse Prospecting’ method (another method you will not find anywhere else, that took Montell 4 years to develop and perfect) and how to personalise all your outreach.

Week 4 also teaches you how to then find, hire, vet and then train your VA’s so that they are able to conduct enormous amounts of outreach for you daily, without you needing to lift a finger.

Week 5: Becoming A Sales Rainmaker

Week 5 covers everything you need to know about taking sales calls, handling objections, closing deals and becoming an overall sales rainmaker.

Whilst most of the big names in the industry aren’t even taking their own sales calls anymore because they’ve outsourced them and are thus starting to get rusty, Montell refuses to outsource his sales calls because he knows it’s the number 1 skill to have. Not just as an agency owner but as an entrepreneur.

Montell now has conducted, by himself, over 1,300+ sales calls between his businesses, in which every single one of them sells some sort of service just as an agency does, meaning all the sales experience Montell has will be directly transferable to you and instantly downloaded into your brain just by watching week 5 and following the actions steps…

All without having to spend 1,000’s of hours of your time on painstakingly difficult sales calls, getting rejected over and over again due to obvious rookie mistakes.

Week 6: Service Delivery, Team Management & Client Retention

Coming in April 2023:

During Week 6, you’ll learn everything from how to deal with, manage and retain both social media management clients as well as Facebook ads clients.

The program will go into extreme depth on how to deliver results for both SM management clients and Facebook ads even post IOS14, 15 and 16!

(Even if you do not offer either of those services and you offer something completely different, you will still learn how to find experts in your respective field so you can still offer that service despite it being totally different).

Name of Course: Montell Gordon – Agency Transmutation | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $1497 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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