Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller

Brand Voice Baller

Brand Voice Baller by Nicola Moors


The fastest way to nail your client’s brand voice AND dunk their copy in personality (with a full 4 weeks of support)

You know that nailing brand voice will help you:

  • Charge premium rates with an easy process
  • Book clients easier (and get repeat projects without having to ask)
  • Feel confident every damn time you share your Google Doc
  • Crank out copy that actually sounds like your clients and wins them results
  • Write copy that gets better results because the audience finally feels connected to your client’s personality

Being a voice chameleon isn’t science or tools, just an ability to find detail.

And trust me when I say that anyone can learn to do that with a step-by-step process.

And heck, my mum’s Yorkshire Terrier could do that…

What’s inside Brand Voice Baller?

  • 7 modules of bite-sized training videos so you have a simple process and exercises to add personality to copy, nail brand voice and write copy that feels more human (& like your client)
  • Over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos to see how I do it
  • My coveted interview and survey questions to ask your clients the right questions to find their voice
  • Real-life brand voice guide so you know exactly what they look like
  • A plug-and-play voice template so you can spend more time on voice and less on formatting
  • Step-by-step workbooks packed with exercises, prompts and tools
  • Edited-by-an-actual-human transcripts with headings and bullet points
  • Private podcast to get my British accent in your ears wherever you are
  • Closed captions on every video

My method was honed over 1,000s of hours working with real-life clients on positioning, messaging & brand voice

I’ve taught my simple process (zero science involved) to Copyhackers, Prerna & Mayank Malik inside their coaching program, led a breakout room inside The Copywriter Club AND to 150+ students

  • Choose your language purposefully and intentionally, so you can scrap your thesaurus (and defend EVERY single word)
  • Snag my framework to write your client’s brand voice guide so you can look like a organised rockstar and like you’ve got your copy shit together (oh, and save you a shit ton of time)
  • Uncover how to find the right messaging for each project in a system that can be repeated over and over
  • Differentiate your clients from their competitors AND turn their brands into unforgettable, client-attracting machines
  • Intentionally choose language that resonates with both your client AND their audience because brand voice is more than just whether your client says ‘cos or cause
  • Grab my cheat sheet to measuring voice with scientific precision (not guesswork) so you’ll never have to wing it again

Name of Course: Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $397 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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