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Parasite SEO Secrets

Parasite SEO Secrets – Your ticket to the highest ROI SEO campaigns you’ve ever run! Think of it as the ultimate tool in your SEO arsenal, empowering you to secure top, page 1 rankings for virtually any keyword you desire.

Dive into a world where Google becomes your playground and where ranking limitations are a thing of the past.

What Is Parasite SEO Secrets?

First coined back in 2006, parasite SEO is when you build and rank pages on large sites (Either for free or by paying them to publish) that exploit Google’s preference for size, age and authority.

Whilst you’ll often need tens or even hundreds of pages on a single topic to rank a smaller website in Google, due to the generic nature of these large sites, new pages on just about any topic will start ranking with the proper content on the same day as it goes live!

What’s Inside Parasite SEO Secrets?

You’ll get access to:

  • How parasite SEO works, how to find the best niches and the best sites to use
  • Examples of successful parasites in the wild
  • How to budget your parasite builds, and how to calculate your ROI
  • Creating fake personas and phantom brands
  • Negotiating with sites to get the best price
  • Tracking rankings, results and earnings
  • How to build backlinks that turbocharge your rankings

THREE live case studies where I show you everything from choosing the site to the live URL ranking in the SERPs!

Secret tips and tricks from the SEO underground

Is Parasite SEO Secrets Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, I designed this course for EVERYBODY! Whilst people with NO experience in SEO will struggle to understand the terminology I’m talking about, most beginners will be able to pick this up and use it within a matter of hours…

I’ve made sure that the course is easy to understand, there are screenshots or videos for every step you’d need to follow and I’ve tried to format the instructions in a way that allows you to adapt this style of SEO to your own way of doing things.

Does This ONLY Work In English?

Not at all! And in fact, I show several examples of parasites in foreign languages dominating far more than any of there English counterparts.

The Google algorithm in other languages is a lot more basic than English, and methods like these tend to work better when/where the algo is weaker.

How Long To See Results?

We typically see pages start appearing on the first page of search results within a week of going live… And more than 90% of the time, these pages start generating revenue in the very same month they go live.

ALL of the example case studies (Free and Paid) started ranking for keywords immediately!

How Much Can You Really Make With Parasite SEO?

The potential for your earnings is almost endless, as you can effectively rank for ANY keyword using at least one of the parasites in the database! It’s only limited by your capital, time and imagination.

Here is ONE parasite page example taken from our database that is worth over $250,000 per month, according to Ahrefs –

Name of Course: Parasite SEO Secrets – Charles Floate | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $699 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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