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Definitive Traffic and AI Seminar 2023 – Perry Marshall


Release Date: 2023
Sale Page:
Author Price: $2499 | Our Price: $31.95 Or Free For Lifetime Members

Definitive Traffic and AI Seminar 2023 – Advanced Strategies for the Fastest Evolution in Human History

What’s inside Definitive Traffic and AI Seminar 2023?

  • Opening – Perry Marshall
  • Tom Meloche – “The Art of Strategic Agility: Winning in the Age of Disruption”
  • Joe Stolte – “Audience Engagement on Autopilot with AI”
  • Sam Woods Part #1 – “Bionic Analysis: Maximize Conversions with AI & ChatGPT”
  • Panel Discussion with Perry & Various Day 1 topics and speakers
  • David Fox – “Doubling Client Growth: The Essential Lenses of Marketing that Made the Difference”
  • Sam Woods Part #2 – “$104M Bionic Prompt Engineering”
  • Panel Discussion – Breakout room related tracks
  • Bryan Trilli – “First Principles of AI”
  • Joseph Riggio – “Your Brain on AI: How AI is changing how people think”
  • Mark McShurley – “Don’t Compete”
  • Perry/All Speakers Panel Discussion
  • Igor Ivitskiy – “The hidden power of Google Search”
  • Steve Hyde & Ricky Solanki – “Microsoft Ads leveraging AI to increase revenue”
  • Tom Breeze – “YouTube Ads in 2023 & Beyond: How To Transform YouTube Into Your Number 1 Traffic Source By Driving Incredible ROAS & Scale.”
  • Ryan Skelly – “The Future of Facebook Ads 2.0: Unleashing the Power of Advantage Plus and AI Innovations for Unprecedented Success”
  • Igor Ivitskiy – “How Google’s AI works internally, practical secrets.”
  • Liana Ling – “Right Angle Marketing: Outpacing the Competition with AI and Creative Tactics in Facebook Ads”
  • Alex Makarski – “GNARLY Leads: Puppy training for Google Ads AI”
  • Bob Regnerus – “How to Deeply Connect With Prospects and Customers in an Increasingly Disconnected World”
  • Panel Discussion – Facebook & related tracks
  • Dennis Yu – TikTok Strategies for Beginners and Pros


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