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Mike Shreeve – Founders Fulfillment Freedom+OTO


Founders Fulfillment Freedom – How To Create World-Class, Premium Offers…

Release Date: 2023
Sale Page:
Author Price: $800 | Our Price: $24.95 Or Free For Lifetime Members

Founders Fulfillment Freedom – How To Create World-Class, Premium Offers That Get Results For Clients… Without You!

In this course, Mike Shreeve will show you exactly how he has designed and created multiple premium offers ($6,000 – $65,000 in price) that run without any input from me.

Inside Founders Fulfillment Freedom, we’ll cover:

  • Why getting yourself out of day-to-day fulfillment is actually better for your customers and clients (and how it gets better results for them too)
  • Remove yourself completely vs. only doing work in your zone of genius… I’ll show you both strategies and why you might not actually want to remove yourself 100% (especially if you love what you do)
  • The biggest risk to your offers today and why you might accidentally be killing your sales by holding on too tight to fulfilling everything yourself…
  • How your subconscious is secretly keeping you from scaling your business as long as you’re stuck in the day-to-day…
  • Why getting out of fulfillment so you can stick your toes in the sand and ride off into the sunset might actually be selling yourself and your business short… and how one simple mindset shift allowed me to get MORE enjoyment out of life and business… while adding millions to my bottom line…
  • How to better understand your actual roles and responsibilities as a business owner in the Help Industry and how that can free you to stop feeling guilty about exiting the day-to-day and letting clients get results themselves without you (this breakthrough alone is worth the price of the program)
  • Hate your current clients? I’ll show you how to design offers that attract better clients BECAUSE you’ll be removed from fulfillment…
  • What to do first once you’ve removed yourself from the day-to-day that instantly makes your offers better, easier to sell, and will turn you into the #1 go-to in your niche… (this is key if you want long term business growth)
  • How refocusing your energy on just one thing can completely free you from having to be solely responsible for getting results for your customers or clients…
  • Owning an asset vs. owning a job: one of these is much, much more risky than the other… and I’ll show you how to avoid putting too much time, energy, and effort into the wrong one…
  • How I’ve compiled my entire work commitment to Peaceful Profits to just 2 half days per week…
  • How (and why) to get others to innovate, improve, and invent in your business for you and without you… (aka: how to get other people to keep your business growing and making money without you having to stress about it all the time)
  • What the basic function of an offer is supposed to be in your business and why getting this wrong means you’ll be stuck in fulfillment forever…
  • How to use better offers to make marketing way, way, way easier…
  • The #1 thing missing in most offers which keep owners stuck and unable to scale… (it’s the same reason clients don’t get good results)
  • Any more…


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