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Exit Ready Platinum

Exit Ready Platinum by Roland Frasier

Discover The Proven System To Exit Any Business At The Right Time For The Maximum Price…

Dear Friend,

If you’re ready to sell your business or thinking about selling your business, the chances of you losing more money than you realize are extremely high. That’s not meant to be an insult to your intelligence or business savvy in any way… but the numbers don’t lie. The fact is that most businesses I find on the market are unprepared, at best.

Selling your business is a one-time event with no second chances and you’ve got to get it right. Exiting your business can be an exciting event that comes with an incredible payoff, but a few disastrous mistakes and common oversights can be devastating… IF you are lucky enough to sell the business.

The Numbers Are Staggering…

An estimated 80% of businesses that attempt to exit will never sell…

And of the 20% of businesses that do sell, many of them will never sell for a purchase price remotely close to what they are actually worth…

Forbes, BizBuySell, and several other reputable sources report some of the top contributing factors for these tragic numbers include seller mistakes, setting the wrong asking price, and having poor terms.

While I agree with those contributing factors, I think there is an even bigger problem that most sellers never realize they have, because an exit doesn’t start when you think about selling your business…

You Are Always Exiting Your Business, Even If You’re Not Selling It…

The truth is that every business owner is always working on an exit, in one way or another, whether it’s on your terms or not.

In fact, there are 5 main exits that you must master if you want to get a maximum valuation for your business.

Being “Exit Ready” doesn’t mean you have to be actively selling your business, it’s about strategically and methodically positioning your business to be ready for an exit, if and when you choose…

But the vast majority of business owners are oblivious to these critical exits and unknowingly sabotage their ability to sell for a premium price and their potential to sell at all…

So ask yourself these questions…

Do you want to have the ability to clearly identify the right time to exit any business and be confident you can sell for the maximum price?

Are you ready to “cash out” and want to collect the full value of the business you’ve invested in for several months or years?

Are you ready to eliminate the risk of continuing to maintain ownership of your business and want to get maximum value right now?

Do you have the desire to work with a new start-up or jump into a new venture and want to exit your existing business to fund your new venture?

Does the idea of selling your business and remaining involved as a senior consultant, advisor, or operations sound appealing?

Want to take the quickest path to successfully exiting your business without making major mistakes along the way?

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated with all the details of an exit and need a simple roadmap for each step of the process?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, then what I’m going to share with you next will help you understand why the next move you make could be the most important decision you ever make in your business because…

This Is Your Personal Invitation To Join Us For Our First 8-Week Personalized Coaching Program To Help You Master The Exit Ready Process…

Join The Exit Ready Platinum 8-Week LIVE Coaching Program with Roland Frasier

Starting January, 2023!

This hands-on coaching program will take you through every step of Roland’s exit process from preparation and planning to a successful exit, regardless of where you are in your business today.

Every step of the Exit Ready process is broken down into clear actionable tasks that will allow you to prepare your business for a successful exit with the highest valuation, strategic advantages, and perfect positioning in the marketplace.

In the Exit Ready Platinum + coaching program, you’ll get instant access to the complete 68-part Exit Ready masterclass course and 8-weeks of personalized mentorship to guide you through your implementation of each step.

Here’s What’s Included In Exit Ready Platinum

The Exit Ready masterclass, facilitated by Roland Frasier, is strategically segmented into 8 modules, each covering a specific area of focus. Each area of focus is covered in full detail with easy-to-follow instructions on how to implement each vital step. Additionally, you’ll have LIVE support provided each week during the Exit Ready LIVE coaching sessions. In 8 short weeks, you’ll have a complete understanding and a clear path for your business or to help anyone confidently become Exit Ready.

Week 1 – Module 1: Understanding Exits & Multiples

In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into truly understanding how multiples work and the driving factors behind a successful exit. You’ll learn how to properly find your multiple and how to set the foundation to ensure you hit your target valuation.

Week 2 – Module 2: Optimal Structures And Maximum Valuations

In Module 2, you’ll learn how to effectively identify gaps, opportunities and critical changes you’ll need to make to give your business the optimal structure for the highest valuation possible as we go through the entire Exit Ready process.

Week 3 – Module 3: Enhancing The Experience
The customer experience does more than drive repeat business and encourage referrals. Businesses with better customer experiences have up to 5.7 times higher valuations! It’s one of the most underutilized exit factors that can significantly increase your valuation. In Module 3, you’ll learn how to effectively leverage the customer experience so that it directly increases your valuation.

Week 4 – Module 4: The SPV Model
In module 4, we’ll break down the SPV Model and ensure your business has every element in place. Leveraged Sales, Bankable Profits and Transferrable Value each play a significant role in getting your business “Exit Ready” and we’ll walk you through each step of the implementation.

Week 5 – Module 5: Exit Ready Operations

Buying a business can pose a fair amount of risk and businesses that mitigate risks sell faster and for premium prices. In Module 5, we’ll assess these risks from operations to reporting financials and hand you the step-by-step blueprint for putting Exit Ready operations in place.

Week 6 – Module 6: ACW Criteria For Exits
In module 6, we’ll cover the quickest way to ensure you have every potential gap covered by understanding how to leverage micro M&A for growth in preparation for your exit. Making one important move can easily give you a significant increase in your valuation and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Week 7 – Module 7: Planning Your Exit Correctly
In Module 7, we’ll cover the key considerations for a successful exit, operational planning that will help you avoid disaster, what to do in advance of your exit and what you should stop doing with adequate time before your exit. This is one of the important steps in the exit process and where we will identify any potential problems as well as opportunities in advance.

– Week 8 – Module 8: Buyers & Executing Your Exit

In module 8, we’ll help you identify and overcome what stops 80% of businesses from selling and join the small percentage of high-value businesses that experience a successful exit. We’ll cover every detail from finding the right buyer, to assessing your multiple (and whether you can get more) to choosing the right transition and exit process for you.

Name of Course: Roland Frasier – Exit Ready Platinum | Release Date: 2023

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