Sang Lucci Master Course 2021

Sang Lucci Master Course 2021

Sang Lucci Master Course 2021 – The last trading course you’ll ever need to take.

YOU WILL LEARN In Sang Lucci Master Course 2021:

The vast majority of options traders lose money. You’ll be on the other side of that trade when you understand:
  • Sang Lucci’s simplified equation for pricing an option
  • How to use volatility, time decay, and gamma to your advantage
  • Techniques for selling options in choppy markets for steady income
  • Scalping methods for pulling quick gains on small moves
  • Ways to trade alongside options market makers so you don’t trapped
  • Which unusual options activity matters and which activity doesn’t (most of it doesn’t!)
  • How to lock in your risk management to keep losses to a minimum

Transform “Wiseguy Activity” into your source of Alpha. Ride the momentum created by institutions instead of getting crushed by it!

You will know the feeling of unshakeable confidence when you:
  • Understand how different types of market participants move price
  • Trade alongside algos and the momentum they create
  • Precisely time your entries and exits on every trade
  • Let the tape tell you when to cut a loss or let a winner run
  • Profit when smart money is faking and shaking out retail
  • See momentum build as it happens instead of via lagging indicators
  • Use the tape to supercharge your existing methodology

Master the most difficult part of trading: controlling your own mind. Understand yourself as a trader and how to overcome the challenges unique to your personality, risk appetite, account size, and experience.

Name of Course: Sang Lucci Master Course 2021 | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $3250 | Our Price: Free For VIP Members

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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