Sean Anthony – Hybrid Install Offers

Sean Anthony – Hybrid Install Offers

Hybrid Install Offers are when you work 1-on-1 with a client to install some kind of Protocol or strategy into their business.

It´s a combination of DFY and DWY

It´s a solid multiple 6-figure a year profit stream, And it´s how I come up with many of the ideas for my other offers, like my Email Rainmaker Mastermind and these monthly trainings.

What We´ll Cover:

  • The Offer Buffet
  • What you need to sell HIOs
  • Creating the offer
  • Reviewing Offer Docs
  • Getting a HIO client
  • Delivering a result

Hybrid Install Offers Buffet:

Sample (Lead):

Your free offer to give people a taste in exchange for their contact info

Goal: grow your list and audience with potential buyers

Delivery: Ebook, Ultimate guide, Email course

Appetizer (Customer):

Your low-mind ticket offer to find your buyers

Goal: turn a lead into a customer and get them hungry for your Main Course

Main Course:

Your highest level offer serving the high-end of your market

Goal: get paid the premium to work with your highest level people

What you need to sell HIOs:

Case study:

You need a Case Study showing proof of achieving a desirable outcome.

This coud be a personal Case Study to start. But over timme you should leverage client case studies as you begin to stack result.

The Case study should include:

  • Person
  • Before state
  • After State
  • Timeframe
  • Story

If you have no Case Study, there is nothing to scale.


The Protocol is the system or series of steps taken to achieve the result in the Case Study.

You will detail teh Protocol on a Google Doc. The length will depend on how cold the person is reading it.

The less time they´ve spent with you, the longer it needs to be.


Your Protocol needs to be presented in a way that is a attractive to the high-end of your market.

Name of Course: Sean Anthony – Hybrid Install Offers | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $297 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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