Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite – Simpler Trading [Special Offer]

Stop Missing Hidden Trades

Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite – Simpler Trading

 Discover John Carter’s options system for insane markets

Uncover “hidden” moves that are ‘all lined up’ and ready to go

With years of knowledge and trading experience, most traders still get caught up in the “day-to-day market traps.”

The system behind John’s 7-figure “Squeeze Pro” setups

When Squeezes DO line up in multiple timeframes, it alerts John that a monster trade could be forming. That’s especially true in a volatile, fast-moving market. Simpler Trading’s Founder, John Carter, wants to show you how he uncovered 7-figure “Squeeze Pro” setups in TSLA, Bonds, metals, and GOOGL.

In fact, since John loves the Squeeze so much, we also want to re-introduce the Multi-Squeeze Pro system and this training. It offers the potential to uncover hidden Squeezes.

Like this overnight setup in ES that generated over 2K…

Stop Missing those “Hidden” Trades

Sure enough, the ES gapped up 48 points. A simple options setup that came with strictly limited risk.

Although John may have a track record of 7-figure gains, you may not know that he also uses the Multi Squeeze Pro in his “small account.” In fact, when it was first developed, John tested this indicator on his $14k account and generated a quick $1,950 profit.

That’s what John Carter realized when stocks erased all the gains from one month in ONE day. That loss wasn’t the best outcome for John, but he rediscovered the secret to winning in these conditions after it.

In Stop Missing Hidden Trades, you’ll discover:

  • Identify all 3 Squeeze Pro setups across 18 timeframes — at a glance
  • Get in on explosive moves as they start (thanks to early ‘Squeeze’ detection)
  • Catch ‘Sneaky Squeezes’ that require a multi-timeframe perspective
  • Use the Multi Squeeze Pro for intraday AND swing trades
  • See which Squeezes are ‘all lined up and ready to go’ (only take the best!)
  • Avoid FOMO and ONLY target setups that meet these criteria

What you get? ELITE/ $2,197

Includes Premium Package + Squeeze Pro Stats Tool + 2 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading
+ Simpler Options Monthly

With the Elite Package, you get everything in the Basic and Premium packages, plus two additional days of
recorded Elite Live Trading. For traders who want to go to the next level quicker, this package includes four total
days of recorded live trading with John Carter.

The Elite Package is the “all-in” choice. This is for traders who are ready to level up as fast as possible.
This “double” live trading package allows traders to experience different market conditions.

Name of Course: Simpler Trading – Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $2197 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view.


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