Small Account Futures – Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading – Small Account Futures

Small Account Futures – This training is the blueprint behind Joe’s consistent small account growth. Why are small accounts so important to Joe? It’s the starting line for people who want to trade.

And this blueprint is designed to help traders grow their accounts quickly and safely.

Joe’s goal is to share his exact formula for rapidly growing a futures account starting with as little as $500 – even in a volatile market. His background in engineering allowed him to create a system of operations for almost any market situation.

What’s he doing that’s different from other traders? Using his 15+ years of experience, Joe managed to rapidly scale his $10k futures into $303k with the help of his proven formula. That’s a 30X return in just 154 trading days.

What’s Inside Small Account Futures?

  • Strategy Class (Value $697)
  • E-Learning Module
  • Bonus: Recorded Pre Class Live Trading
  • Futures 101 (Value Priceless)
  • Recording of 2 Days of Pro Live Trading (Value $400)
  • Recording of 2 Days of Elite Live Trading (Value $400)
  • Strike Zone Mastery (Quarterly) Renews at $597 (Value $597)

About Joe Rokop

Joe Rokop is a commodities and equities trader as well as a futures specialist. His professional trading experience is in both the commercial and proprietary sectors. With his 15 years of trading experience, Joe focuses on trading commodities, indexes, and equities through futures, options, and OTC derivatives.

Right out of college, Joe began his career directly on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. There he gained an understanding of pattern recognition, understanding volume, and calculated trading strategies. Joe’s professional experience gives him an edge over most retail traders using his deep market flow and volume knowledge.

His main goal at Simpler Trading is to help others become better traders and realize better results. He genuinely enjoys sharing his experiences, passing on his extensive knowledge, and coaching his clients toward the achievement of their goals.

Name of Course: Simpler Trading – Small Account Futures | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $1397 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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