Spreadsheets That Sell – Emily McDermott

Emily McDermott – Spreadsheets That Sell

Spreadsheets That Sell – How to make a simple spreadsheet in Google Sheets and sell it on auto-pilot on Etsy and beyond- no advanced spreadsheet skills needed.

It takes 2 weeks to complete your entire Etsy shop and list your first 5 spreadsheets for sale! You will get access to everything in the course right away. All lessons are pre-recorded, so you can review them anytime.

What’s inside Spreadsheets That Sell?


  • Why Etsy?
  • Important Terms to Know Before You Start

Week 1: Validate your First 5 Profitable Spreadsheets

  • Identify your target audience for max conversions
  • Build a Brand Attracts Your Target Audience
  • What Spreadsheets Should You Make?
  • Build your Strategic 5 Step Customer Journey to target both Etsy AND Shopify sales at the same time
  • Validate your product ideas on Etsy with keyword research
  • find ALL of your 13 product tags for each spreadsheet on Etsy™

Week 2: My Simple Formula to Making Spreadsheets That Sell

  • Market Research to Make a Spreadsheet Your Target Audience Will Want to Buy
  • How to Use Your Branding to Make a Sellable Spreadsheet
  • What Tabs to Include
  • Resources to Speed Up the Production Process
  • Should You Use Google Sheets or Excel? Or both?
  • My 4 Rules for a Spreadsheet That Sells Like Hotcakes
  • How to Customize my PLR Spreadsheets to Fit Your Brand Perfectly
  • What Fonts To Use in Your Spreadsheets
  • Swipe My 5 Most Used & SUPER EASY Formulas
  • How I Make My Pretty Pie Charts
  • Expense Tracker with Drop Down Menu Tutorial
  • Best Seller Walkthrough: Behind The Scenes

Week 3: Listing Your 5 Spreadsheets on Etsy

  • Setting up a Professional Shop That Helps You Get More Sales
  • Mockup Guide & Swipe These Mockup Templates in Canva!
  • Exactly how to price your spreadsheets
  • Strategic Titles, Tags, and Descriptions for your Etsy™ shop
  • How to Upload Google Sheets & Excel Files to Etsy
  • How to Upload a Listing
  • A/B Testing
  • How Often Should You Upload New Listings?
  • How to Answer Customer Spreadsheet Questions with Confidence! Steal our FAQs and the answers we send customers!
  • Get Your New Shop Promoted on Our Website and Pinterest Account!!

Week 4: Etsy™ Strategy To Get Continuing Sales

  • Coupons to Boost Sales
  • Customer Interactions
  • Lead Magnets for Ongoing Sales
  • Custom orders
  • How to add your next 15 products strategy
  • How to use Etsy ads
  • Pinterest for Added Traffic
  • How to read Etsy stats
  • Should You Run a Sale on Etsy?
  • Instagram to Find More Customers

Week 5: My 6 figure Digital Product Marketing Strategy off Etsy

  • How I Bring in Interested Customers From More Places Online
  • Grab all social handles, and input bios and link tree.
  • Prioritize “sticky” social content
  • Do You Need a Blog?
  • A Google SEO trick to get more traffic faster (without a blog)

Name of Course: Emily McDermott – Spreadsheets That Sell | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page: https://emilymcdermott.thinkific.com/courses/spreadsheetsthatsell/

Author Price: $147 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view.


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