Square Secrets Business Bundle – Paige Brunton [Special Offer]

Paige Brunton – Square Secrets Business Bundle

Square Secrets Business Bundle – Get the Proven Blueprint to Build the Web Design Business of Your Dreams

Paige Brunton will teach you the must-have systems and strategies you need to confidently claim the title of “website designer” and grow your business to six figures & beyond.

You can gain inside Square Secrets Business Bundle:

  • A core understanding of business strategy
  • A clear cut marketing plan you can start implementing
  • Knowledge of the necessary systems & processes to lead a client through a design project
  • The confidence to actually claim the title “website designer” and earn an income from it

Are you ready to:

  • Become booked out for months at a time – without stressing where your next client is coming from
  • Charge premium prices (upwards of $5K a project)… without doing so arbitrarily or questioning yourself
  • Understand how to attract clients who value your skillset
  • Create a strategic marketing plan that doesn’t take over your life or end up with you just scrolling Pinterest for hours
  • Know how to create streamlined systems & processes that allow you to show up as a true professional… AND get your projects done by the deadlines

Square Secrets Business Bundle adds to your knowledge from Square Secrets™ and teaches you everything you need to know to take you from thinking about becoming a designer, to actually working with clients and making that dream your full-time reality.

The core content of Square Secrets Business Bundle

  • Module One – Client Conversion Formula
    Like anything worth doing in life, we’ll start with a solid foundation to a well-converting website. This is the work that gets you inside your websites ideal client’s head and sets you up for long-term success.
  • Module Two – Template Picking Blueprint
    The part you’ve likely been agonizing over…which template should you start with!? Plus, I’m divulging how 95% of users pick a template and why they’re doing it wrong so you can get it right the first time.
  • Module Three – Content Gathering Guide
    We couldn’t talk about web design without covering what makes up a huge part of the visual appeal of your site… images! Learn what makes a site look like it was made by a professional designer and grab my page-by-page content planners so you have the right words to go with them!
  • Module Four – Design Best Practices
    In order to design a beautiful, clear, and easy-to-navigate website, there are a few DIY-dead giveaways to avoid. Learn the designer musts, including tons of examples via our private Pinterest account for you to browse.
  • Module Five – Squarespace For Beginners
    Okay, it’s time to get designing! With your template and content in mind, we’re working through all the Squarespace features like site styles, blocks, navigation, pop-ups, blogging, premium features and everything you’ve been slumping over your computer wondering, “HOW DO I DO THAT!!?” You’ll literally watch me build an example page in-action so you can see how it all fits together in real life.
  • Module Six – Squarespace secrets + Bonus E-commerce
    Oooh, this one’s spilling the secret sauce to your site design. We’ll cover how to create super creative graphics that make your site stand out from a sea of samesies, how to integrate your site with 3rd party systems, how to add fun script fonts, and how hack Squarespace blocks to do all the things that have previously left you feeling stuck.
  • Module Seven – SEO Basics
    Let’s talk about the three letter acronym that has you throwing your hands up… S-E-O. Learn what it is, why it matters, and why “the Squarespace sucks for SEO statement” is completely false. Link your Google Analytics, beat your competition, and get set-up for some serious organic reach.
  • Module Eight – Launch Prep
    You’re almost done! Now you’ll want to comb over your site and ensure it’s tweaked for mobile design, connect your social accounts, and figure out how to actually deliver your “opt-in freebie”. Lastly, get my launch checklist, link up your domain, and get ready to share that new site with the world!

Name of Course: Square Secrets Business Bundle – Paige Brunton | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page: https://archive.is/q1jw2#selection-5881.0-6309.300/

Author Price: $3300 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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