Supplement Business Blueprint 2018 – Doberman Dan

Supplement Business Blueprint 2018

Supplement Business Blueprint – After more than two decades in this market — starting four different supplement businesses from scratch… and selling three of those businesses enjoying two different bouts of mini-retirement — I’m finally spilling the beans about all my hard-won secrets to success.

But that’s not all I’m revealing in Supplement Business Blueprint. You’ll also discover…

  • A dirt-cheap way to get your hands on MILLIONS of dollars of supplement marketing research. (You’ll know which are the hottest-selling products in the market today.)
  • How to get FREE ACCESS to an under-the-radar nutritional supplement sales copy swipe file! (You’ll get multimillion-dollar marketing research showing the most effective offers and sales copy… written by the best nutritional supplement copywriters in the world.)
  • All the tools and systems you need to run your supplement business. (I’ve personally vetted ALL of these and used them in my own businesses.)
  • Product fulfillment secrets revealed! (Do it my way and life is a breeze. Get this wrong and your customers will NEVER buy from you again, your merchant account will get shut down… and you just might get a not-so-friendly visit from a few “alphabet” agencies.)
  • The fastest and BEST way to go from zero to $1 million in sales… as quickly as possible. (Many supplement business owners not privy to THIS go broke during the scaling process. That’s no longer a worry for you once you know this one secret.)
  • My hardest won and most expensive lesson I learned about payment processors and merchant accounts. (If you don’t know THIS, you could be out of business in a New York minute… at the EXACT moment your business really starts to explode with growth.)
  • Want the BEST chance of success with your new supplement business? Then HERE is where you should be advertising. (HINT: Following the crowd is a recipe for disaster. Use THIS contrarian marketing secret to give yourself an unfair advantage over ALL your competitors.)


Name of Course: Supplement Business Blueprint – Doberman Dan | Release Date: 2018

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