Supplement Copy Boot Camp – Kim Krause Schwalm

Supplement Copy Boot Camp

Supplement Copy Boot Camp by Kim Krause Schwalm

A master class in writing successful supplement copy from A-List copywriter and supplement marketing maven Kim Krause Schwalm. You get access to 5 in-depth workshops where Kim covers why the supplement market is different… how to give your supplement promo the huge edge it needs… how to beat controls and launch new products… best supplement offer and closing tactics… client-getting secrets… and more!

What’s inside Supplement Copy Boot Camp?

5 revealing, insight-packed workshops with your boot camp host, Kim Krause Schwalm

All workshops include access to call recordings (video/audio) for 5 in-depth workshops (approximately 2 hours each) + slide decks + transcripts + PDFs of any samples used

Workshop #1 — State of the Supplement Market and Why It’s Different

·  Supplement market overview: top-selling products, how to spot a “hot” nutrient, who the target market is, top sales channels/formats to use (online AND direct mail), biggest players
·  Supplement copy compliance: FDA/FTC—overall guidelines and tricks for getting around them
·  Research overview: best studies and where to find them, competitor research, collecting swipes, using AI tools
… And more!
Workshop #2 — Giving your Supplement Promo the Huge Edge it Needs
·  Stage of market sophistication and why unique mechanism/proof are essential for supplements
·  Differentiating your supplement in a sea of competitors
·  How to maximize your doctor/”guru” and boost sales even without one
·  How to structure your promo to keep your prospect reading or watching—and avoid common mistakes that lose supplement buyers
… And more!
Workshop #3 — How to Beat Supplement Controls and Launch New Products

·  Secrets to beating an existing control: how to analyze and find its weaknesses, where to look to gain an edge, leaving no stone unturned
·  Deciding on the “big idea”: best angles to use/test, how to weave it throughout your promo
·  Crafting compelling headlines and leads for promos (sales pages, VSL, direct mail)
·  Driving traffic to your supplement sales page or VSL with the right email or “lift”
… And more!

Workshop #4 — Making It Impossible for Your Prospect NOT to Buy

·  Closing the sale with copy – what you MUST do with supplement copy closes

·  Structuring your offer – best types that work and how to choose
·  Creating upsells and cross-sells – online, phone, email follow-up, in the box
·  Getting reorders: the crucial lever that makes all your promos more profitable
… And more!
Workshop #5 — Supplement Client Secrets – Best Tactics for Freelancers Now

·  Finding clients

·  What to charge
·  Negotiating royalties
·  Steering clear of bad clients
·  The all-important, cover-your-butt contract must-haves
·  What supplement clients are looking for
… And more!

Name of Course: Kim Krause Schwalm – Supplement Copy Boot Camp | Release Date: 2023

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