The Trading Blueprint – The Trading Geek

The Trading Blueprint – The Trading Geek

The Trading Blueprint teaches you everything there is to know about becoming a profitable trader from scratch!

You can go from zero to making over $100,000 from trading in record time

What is The Trading Blueprint?

“For the past 4 years, I not only made 6 figures from trading but also coached complete beginners and transformed them into profitable traders themselves.

The Trading Blueprint is a program where I share everything I have learnt along the way, which is why it took me over 1 year to built it. It is a series of immersive video course that covers the practical, no bullsh*t advice to build your 10/10 trading career.

This course has over 40 hours of training videos that are laid out in a very organized, step by step process to teach you everything you need to know, no matter what experience level you are, in order to get you to a point of trading success.

We literally lay everything out in a step by step format. Taking you from learning the basics, learning my simple price action trading strategy and building an entire trading plan around it, to teaching you my advanced trading psychology secrets & strategies to take your trading to the next level!”

What you will learn in The Trading Blueprint

This course teaches you everything there is to know about becoming a profitable trader from scratch!

  • Phase 1: Beginner’s Guide
    If you have no prior knowledge or experience in trading, start your trading journey here by first learning the basics of forex trading
  • Phase 2: Technical Analysis
    Learn how to analyze the charts using price action tools like candlestick patterns, Fibonacci and key levels etc
  • Phase 3: How I Personally Trade (Intraday)
    An in-depth 60 mins explanation of everything about my highly profitable trading strategy from top to bottom
  • Phase 4: Secrets & Hacks
    Learn some of my best secrets and hacks I use to increase my trading performance
  • Phase 5: Scalping & Swing Trading
    Inside here contains my BEST Highly Profitable Scalping & Swing Trading Strategies (backtested and proven to work)
  • Phase 6: Fundamental Analysis
    How to trade news & take advantage of economic news and announcements
  • Phase 7: Risk Management
    Learn to minimize losses & maximize profits using risk management techniques used by professional traders
  • Phase 8: Advanced Secrets
    For advanced traders who want to take their trading to the next level
  • Phase 9: Trading Psychology
    Trading Psychology SECRETS that helped me eliminate my emotions when trading
  • Phase 10: Trading Mastery
    Learn how I think and trade like a top 1% trader so you can enjoy the results of the top 1%.

Name of Course: The Trading Blueprint – The Trading Geek | Release Date: 2023

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Author Price: $697 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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