Todd Brown – Master Of Media Buying Mastermind

Master Of Media Buying Mastermind

Master Of Media Buying Mastermind by Todd Brown – Experts, Egos, & The Most Magical Traffic Secrets Exposed, Ever!”

What You Learn Master Of Media Buying Mastermind:

When You Lock 44 Top Traffic Experts In A Room For Two Days…by Todd Brown

Have you ever been curious what tricks traffic generation experts swap with one another when talking privately?

Well, I was.

I wanted to know the traffic generation methods the best of the best use to build their own businesses.

NOT the stuff they share with the public.
And NOT the stuff they teach in their courses.

I wanted to know their personal traffic generation methods; the stuff they spend their own money on.

So, I shelled-out close to twenty grand to host a private event… and find out.

I invited marketers from the Agora Companies, and over 45 of the most popular, most respected media buying and traffic generation experts on the planet.

All but one agreed to join us. (He’s now dead to me.)

Then, for two days (February 15-16, 2019)… in a private room at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland… I pushed these experts to the max. Putting them on the spot, spurring them to give-up their best traffic insights.

And, to blaze a fire under their butts, I had a badass championship belt designed to award to whichever expert gave the most amount of value over the two days.

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