Top Trade Tools – Hedge Fund Trender

Hedge Fund Trender

Hedge Fund Trender is modeled after a successful hedge fund trading strategy used to manage millions of dollars in the markets.

As one of three core strategies, the HFT helped our hedge fund win top hedge fund of the year honors in Futures Magazine.

What’s inside Hedge Fund Trender?

Simple DOT Signals

Designed with the goal of making trading signals as simple as BLUE DOT BUY and SELL DOT SELL, the HFT trading strategy is so simple, I taught it to may 8th grade daughter in less than 5 mins.

By plotting simple BUY and SELL signals on price charts, you can easily see when trading signals unfold in the markets that you trade.

Able to Trade Stocks, Options, Futures and FOREX

The HFT is a strategy that can be used to trade all markets, including stocks, options, futures, and forex markets.

We recommend using the HFT in situations where you have a high probability trade setup with a strong directional forecast. This can significantly improve your profitability over the long-term.

However, there are times when markets experience strong directional moves where the HFT can be profitable like in the Gold example below.

Intelligent Trailing Stop

An additional feature in the HFT is an advanced trailing stop that you can use to manage trades and potentially lock in profits, showing you exactly where to place your risk stop for your trades.

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