Tr3ndy Jon – New Supply and Demand System

Tr3ndy Jon’s New Supply and Demand System

New Supply and Demand System is your chance to trade with the “Big Players” instead of against them.

Most retail traders fail, but the key to Tr3ndy Jon’s consistent 70%+ win rate is that he essentially “hijacks” the institutional supply and demand zones that drive the market’s biggest moves.

His system is as simple as it is powerful. And you don’t have to be glued to your monitor to do it. Tr3ndy will show you how you can have a life and still beat the institutions at their own game.

More about what is included with New Supply and Demand System

Tr3ndy Trading Session

A solid trading plan can be an important early step towards trading successfully.

In this pre-recorded session, Jon will cover exactly how he builds his trading plan and how you can build yours too.

Step-by-step, he’ll go through the different areas your trading plan needs to cover and the details in those areas.

Tr3ndy Trading Mastery

Discover a robust process that incorporates defined risk, targeted strategies, and exceptional market analysis.

Follow Jon as he combines proprietary trend following, supply and demand charting, to pre-plan precise entries and exits.

Get automated trade alerts, live sessions, and more.

About Jonathan McKeever:

Jonathan McKeever, also known as “Tr3ndy Jon,” is an accomplished trader and retired Air Force veteran who ventured into the captivating world of trading after assuming a Director position at a major company.

His unyielding curiosity and commitment to unraveling the complexities of trading inspired him to delve into a variety of educational services.

Having honed his skills in identifying supply and demand, Jon was was hired as the Director of Supply and Demand Trading at Simpler Trading.

In this role, he leads initiatives to provide traders with unparalleled insights into the market and enable them to reach new heights in their trading journey.

Name of Course: Tr3ndy Jon – New Supply and Demand System | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $497 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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