X Crypto – Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery [Special Offer]

X Crypto – Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery

Meme Coin Mastery – Everything you need to know to make a consistent $profit trading meme coins on any blockhain!

MemeCoins/Shitcoins are pumping right now like crazy!

Don’t miss this unbelievable opportunity.

Volume moves markets and there are some incredibly easy setups he sees again and again every single day with meme coins.

It literally feels like printing money.

There is a lot of learning to do and he uses special bots and tricks to make massive returns.

In this training he shares everything with you. You will want to keep this info to yourself!

Fast, Easy Insights

Sajad teaches you how to use bots to analyse tokens within seconds!

You can quickly spot rugs and easily find official links to memecoins.

Very few traders know about these tricks…

Dev Dumping??

He shows you how to easily check if the dev has dissappeared!

Using bots we can check what wallets they used and how many tokens they have left….

Find Calls Before Everyone Else!

We literally use bots to find the best call groups, we can review which groups called successfully and their win rate, we can anonymously monitor these calls and get into trending memecoins early…

What’s inside Meme Coin Mastery?

  • Introduction
  • Best Meme Coin Platforms
  • Setting Up Your Trading Accounts & Wallets
  • Researching Meme Coins & Technical Analysis
  • Liquidity Pools And Burnt Tokens
  • Trade Mechanics
  • Assembling Your War Machine
  • The Degen Playbook
  • Meme Coin Trading Mindset Mastery
  • Bonus Strategies (Money Glitches!)
  • Current Longterm Memecoin Setups!
  • Base Network Memecoin Trading

Name of Course: X Crypto – Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery | Release Date: 2024

Sale Page: https://training.excrypto.ai/p/meme-coin-mastery/

Author Price: $5000 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view.


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