Zero to $100k: Landing Any Tech Sales Role – BowtiedCocoon [Special Offer]

Zero to $100k

Zero to $100k: Landing Any Tech Sales Role by BowtiedCocoon

Land your first $100k+ sales job or GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

Get dozens of detailed templates from prospecting to outreach to the interview process as well as unconventional strategies to truly stand out from the crowd.

80+ people already landed a 100k+ role by going through the BowTiedCocoon 3-Part Method.

Meet BowTiedCocoon – Zero to $100k

Hey! I’m BowTiedCocoon.

I landed my first tech 100k sales job at 23 and have been in the sales land ever since.

I helped a few friends land a tech sales job after, then I started doing it online until one day someone offered to pay me.

From there, I started taking this seriously, and to my own surprise had a great success.

People don’t know what they don’t know and so laying the most cutting edge material for anyone to break into the Enterprise Sales is how BowTiedCocoon started.

Since then I’ve refined the process over and over again with battle-tested strategies.

I am confident that much of what you’ll learn in this course cannot be found elsewhere.

You’ll find dozens of pre-written templates, tools to use, and unconventional principles to remember, and I’ll walk you through every detail step by step.

Everything you need to save time, energy and go straight to the heart of what matters most. I don’t you want to neither “burn” your best prospects nor waste your time and with this you won’t!!

My commitment to you is simple: help you land your $100k sales job or money-back!!

This Course Is Not For Everybody

This material is for those that plan to break into the Top Sales Organizations in the world (mostly tech) where entry-level can clear +100k in year one. The standards are MUCH higher but I will teach you how to breeze through the process.

Zero to $100k: Landing Any Tech Sales Role Curriculum:

Genesis: The Secret Sales Formula

PART I – The Garden Of Eden: Building A Lead List Of Hypergrowth Sales Organization

Step 0 – Prospecting Guidelines

Step 1 – The Platter of Gold: Top 300 Sales organizations by Role & Salaries

Step 2 – Obtain Referrals at Hypergrowth Organizations (Cold & Hot Leads)

Step 3 – Referral meeting booked, now what??


  • Your Application Tracking System
  • Top 200 Sales Organizations to work for by role (SDR, SMB AE, MM AE) and make BANKS! + expected compensation
  • ABC to vet hyper-growth organizations on your own
  • 3 different specific strategies to get referrals
  • 7 detailed outreach templates
  • Non-conventional tips and tricks to get referrals

PART II – Tech Sales Resume Writing (CV + Cover Letter)

Basic Rules

The Secret 8 Frames to Supercharge Conversion

Top 15 Most Converting CVs & Cover Letters (Before & After)


  • The Top 15 Most Converting CVs And Cover Letters (Before & After)

PART III – The 6-Step Chad Method To Nailing The Interview Like The Top 1% (And Get The Job 99% Of The Time)

Revealing the Matrix Behind the Interview Process

Exposing Hard Truths About Sales Hiring Managers

The 6-Step Chad Method to Nailing the Interview (and get the job 99% of the time)

Part 1: Territory Plan (1-pager)

Part 2: Sourcing a Lead List Of Potential Accounts

Part 3: Breaking into Accounts & Booking a Meeting

Part 4: Qualifying & Pitching Prospects (Pitch Script & Mock Up Call)

Part 5: Bringing Everything Together – Automation & The Ultimate Email Sequence: Get New F500 Interviews in Your Sleep

Part 6: Hack Final Interview Round with Sales Leadership (VP & Director)


  • The Interview Prep Cheat Sheet (all the questions and how to answer them)
  • Lethal Questions to Ask Hiring Managers and Qualify THEM
  • Territory Plan Template (1-Pager)
  • Lead List of Qualified Prospect Template (+ BowtiedSystem Step-by-Step Video)
  • 3 Strategies and outreach templates for Breaking into Accounts (+BowtiedSalesGuy Bonus Strategy)
  • Secret Method to Get the Pitch Script of Any Company in 20mn and for FREE + Cold Call Pitch Script Template.
  • The Ultimate Email Sequence to Win Sales Hiring Managers (and automation to book interviews with F500 companies *in your sleep*)
  • Final Interview Round Talk Track to Win Sales Leader (VP/Director) + Questions You Should Ask


Sales Language 101

SDR & SMB AE Interview Assessment Case from a F500 company (with solution)

The Quick and Dirty Math of a $100,000 US Token Sales Job

Name of Course: BowtiedCocoon – Zero to $100k: Landing Any Tech Sales Role | Release Date: 2022

Sale Page:

Author Price: $599 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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